Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Real Estate Moves Faster if Ready for Sale

Are you a Realtor selling a clients property?
Are you a person or family selling your property?
Then you need to know a few things.
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I am a Landscaper who specializes in Curb Appeal that makes homes move.

One of my suggestions is that you Mow The Lawn if it is High. You must never underestimate someone elses ability to nitpick your property. We visited many homes before we bought our house in Spring Hill Tn, and I can tell you from experience that a clean tidy appearance goes a long way to making a sale. In a buyers market you get shopped so to speak.

Picture this: The client has a list in hand and drives with their professional realtor from home to home. They drive up to your home after seeing houses in a similar range that were kept neat. Do you think they are going to get out of the car if the front of your home is the worst they've seen? A Realtor once told me of a client who asked her to drive on from a listing of her very own because of Curb Appeal Issues.

Please share your stories and advice for everyone.